I felt so much joy reading about this that I just wanted to share it on all platforms.
  1. Guys, I just found a Kickstarter project that's happening in my city
  2. It's called pride tape and it's essentially rainbow hockey tape
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  3. But it's great because it's a way for coaches, players, pros, etc to show support for LGBTQ youth who want to play sports, acknowledging that sports still has a ways to go for becoming more inclusive and safe for all to play
  4. And some hockey coaches and pros are helping with the campaign
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    Andrew Ference, Edmonton Oilers. Not one of the big names in the NHL but very well known in the city for his charity work and community involvement. Has previously attended our Pride Parades and is just an awesome role model.
  5. It's just so heartwarming and I would love to see this as a more common occurrence in sports.
    Even though I don't really watch but I watch more if there were more campaigns like this!