Inspired by @estone and others! East and west are tricky so I just went with longitudinal coordinates according to Wikipedia and Google Maps.
  1. North: High Level, Alberta, Canada (58°31'08 N)
    Here for work. Didn't see much because I flew in and out the same day. But I did see a proposal happen in the airport!
  2. South: La Paz, Bolivia (16°30'S)
  3. East: Cebu City , Philippines(123°54'E)
  4. West: Hyder, Alaska, United States (130°01'28 W)
    Road trip with my family as a kid (we lived in Kitimat, British Columbia). I'm not 100% sure where we went in Alaska, but this name sounded familiar and the geographically it would make sense so I'm going to say it's here.