Mostly instrumental because lyrics are too emotionally raw. I'd like to dedicate this album to @nathanveshecco who probably didn't think it would get this existential but that's what happens when I list late at night/early morning after I've been reading personality tests?
  1. Logic Rules
    Not an anthem about how logic is the best, but a musical experimentation on what logic means and what it means to break from it. The track is either a masterpiece or a wreck. Hard to tell.
  2. Haunted
    A dark ballad that dramatically explores that one time when I felt negative emotions and how now I try to intellectualize the experience to avoid ever feeling that way again.
  3. Spiral
    Frantic and desperate, this piece uses breathy, mile-a-minute lyrics to take you on my journey of transforming a misinterpreted gesture to the hypothetical end of a relationship. The song ends with an abrupt "Oh. Never mind".
  4. Breathe (Interlude)
    Rhythmic sounds to bring you down from that last track.
  5. How does it end?
    A full symphony playing a heavy classical-style arrangement inspired by that feeling of doom when I think about how one day I can exist (and have built up this life and know all these things) then suddenly, one day I won't. And I'm not really decided on what happens after but all options seem really bleak to me.
  6. And then what?
    Just silence for a while to let everything really sink in. Maybe a sigh at the end of a 15second silence.
  7. Above the Clouds (Instrumental)
    This track starts off with a slow, light flute. Eventually joined by a strings section. The composition makes you feel like you're on the top of a mountain, or in a plane looking down. Mimics the feeling of amazement at being alive and seeing things on earth that have been around millions, billions of years longer than you. And reminds you that even though you're a pessimistic realist, sometimes life can leave you awestruck if you wait a bit and allow it to.
  8. Hidden track
    Just me saying something conversationally and a second voice responding. This is meant to convey that this entire album happened in my head in the span of several minutes and now I am talking to someone in the real world again.