1. Attending Coeur de Pirate Concert with boyfriend
  2. Watching Alice Through the Looking Glass theatrical performance with BFF
  3. Alberta Ballet starts up again after the holidays, "Dynamic Directions" with the two BFFs
  4. Finally finishing Pillars of the Earth?? I'm about 750 pages in. Getting there.
  5. Getting through this work event at the end of the month
    I'm just more of the planner and the organizer and dislike the actual implementation but my admin assistant is part time and has been not doing so great lately. So ughh
  6. Long weekend: We celebrate "Family Day" here in Alberta on Feb 15.
    Socially acceptable time off woohoo
  7. Taxes
    Haha not. But I need to do them so looking forward to maybe doing them earlier rather than the weekend before they're due???