Was on a hiatus for the Easter season, came back, decided it wasn't time yet, left again. Miscellaneous thoughts and updates all mixed together:
  1. So it's li.st now??
    Actually I knew that because I got the email promos.
  2. Just gotta write a list asap so that I don't get trapped in an "always creeping, never listing" cycle
  3. Got engaged
  4. Why is the text so big. Can I change that?
  5. Planned for our trip to Munich, Lake Bled, Budapest, Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, Cape Town
  6. Where did everybody go
  7. I will never change my old lists to mixed case. UPPERCASE TITLES WILL MARK MY PRE-LI.ST EXPERIENCES
  8. So much to catch up on
  9. Cried a lot bc my grandpa's cancer came back and he's opted out of chemo
  10. Planned a 17hr layover in Reykjavik
  11. Hours spent on looking up wedding blogs and listening to wedding podcasts
  12. Played tennis for the first time in 3ish years and was just as awful as I was years ago. Decided this is a hobby bf can continue on his own because he is amazing at it like every other sport he ever tries 😫
  13. My feed is so crazy what's going on why do I see everything
  14. Visited venues and looked up wedding vendors
  15. Boring stuff like work and chores and errands
  16. Read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and organized 4/6 drawers and my closet but not much else
  17. I still haven't used the gif function
  18. Deleted all social media apps from my phone because I was using it as a distraction from work and I actually didn't miss it too much for the couple of months I was gone? But will download again because I'm going on vacay soon
  19. That's probably good. Time to get back to these work emails