Not necessarily pet peeves, but these make me squirm in my seat a little bit.
  1. Contortionists
    Sometimes my leg just gives a bit when I'm walking and I'm like wtf the body is weird and I'm not as in control as I think I am. And I worry about contortionists because even though they probably have amazing control over their bodies, if one muscle twitches they could collapse in a really awful position and I don't want to see that.
  2. Scraping ice off my car's windshield
    I don't like the sound and if I'm in the car when someone is scraping the windows, I will cover my ears.
  3. Similarly, the sound of silverware scraping on porcelain plates. Or metal on metal.
    So cringe.
  4. Bringing drinks into the washroom
    I don't know if people really do this but I've been rewatching the Office and this happens so much!
  5. When people lick their finger to turn pages
    Boyfriend does this and I haven't mentioned it because there's other things to nitpick so I gotta choose my battles.
  6. Listening to people chewing on podcasts
    The sound doesn't bother me in person, but I do not want this sound filling my car. There was a podcast I listened to where the host would eat a cookie and I had to skip this part every time.