I was going to explain each yoga but then I didn't want to sound like I knew stuff when I didn't? Also was trying to reconcile appropriation of westernized yoga and everything was getting foggy. Now I'm just clearing the drafts. So bye.
  1. Suggested listening while reading this list: Janelle Monáe - Yoga
  2. Suspension/aerial
    Done with silk hammocks hung from the ceiling.
  3. Yin
  4. "MindBody Strong", hot power flows
    I am more flexible than I am strong (by far, because I am very weak) so I don't do these very often. Though I probably should.
  5. Hatha
  6. Reiki yoga
  7. Restorative
  8. Vinyasa flow
  9. Moksha
  10. Yang/yin
  11. Bikram