My husband Dan and I are talking more and more about trying for a baby sometime within the next year. I am excited at the thought of becoming a mom/parents and want to prepare as much as one can. However, I want to make sure I am also enjoying this time period in our marriage and my personal life that has more flexibility/less responsibility.
  1. Read a lot.
    I love to read. I am less stressed out, generally less anxious, when I make time to read. I know once we have a child there will be less down time to read.
  2. Go to lots of Indians games.
    Because getting babysitters requires money and a lot of coordination.
  3. Go to movies in the theater.
    See number two.
  4. Go on an out-of-state vacation with Dan.
    It will be cheaper with just the two of us, less stressful, and we'll be able to do whatever we want without limitations. Currently thinking about a trip to either Kansas City or Arizona (Grand Canyon).
  5. Try a crafty hobby.
    Cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting, etc.
  6. Declutter.
    Really go through all of our stuff and give away/throw away/recycle items we don't need and effectively store what we do need or want to keep.
  7. Cook more.
    We eat out very often. This is not be as possible or financially smart once we have kids. Plus, it's generally not as healthy. I want to expand my cooking skills and abilities, and get really good at a strong set of stand-by meals.
  8. Work out regularly.
    If I form the habit now, it will be easier to keep/come back to after baby. For health and confidence purposes.
  9. Visit Columbus at least once a month.
    It is important to both of us to see and spend time with Dan's parents and Cate and Michael. My brother also lives in Columbus, as do some of Dan and I's close friends. We will still visit Columbus once we have kids, but the frequency might decrease at first. Generally, the trips will take more coordination and what we can do while we are there will change.
  10. Play saxophone again.
    I haven't in so long and I want to.
  11. Style a gallery wall in our bedroom.
    I want to include older photos of family and newer ones. Also, maybe some small art prints or quotes.
  12. Get another tattoo.
    I've wanted another one for years. The last time I got one was graduating from college. I have grown and changed so much since then, and want a tattoo for all that has happened and I have learned.
  13. Finish the bathroom in the basement.
    Once we add another person to the house, especially one who will require a lot of tiny person accessories for the bathroom, another full bathroom would really decrease the stress and maybe help manage clutter/storage. Plus, Dan and I both wish we had one down there to go with our home gym.
  14. Digitize all family photo albums.
    For my parents' 40th wedding anniversary in 2019, I want to make them a big photo album with photos from their wedding/every year of their marriage. I want to scan photos from all our family photo albums. That way, Luke, Jackie, and I (and our kids) have digital copies of everything, and I have plenty to choose from when I make a Shutterfly/Snapfish album for my parents' anniversary.
  15. Go to a Cleveland Orchestra concert.
    Dan has never been to Severance Hall, and the first and only time I went was in elementary school.
  16. Reread all the Harry Potter books.
    And maybe watch the movie of each as well.