1. Legally Blonde.
    Elle Woods is a role model. Reese Witherspoon is a role model.
  2. The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan.
    Imagine living on a vineyard in Napa or in a fancy townhouse in London. Going to a classic sleep away camp. MEETING YOUR LONG LOST TWIN. It's too wonderful.
  3. Any Harry Potter movie.
    Preferably all Harry Potter movies. In a row. On the same weekend. On ABC Family.
  4. Star Wars original trilogy.
  5. Pitch Perfect.
    Acca-awesome in every way. Plus I want to be best friends with Anna Kendrick.
  6. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
    Pure rom-com genius. And how I first heard the song that would become my husband and I's wedding song.
  7. Love Actually.
    The original and best movie with a million plot lines about love and friendship. England. Christmas. Colin Firth.
  8. The Holiday.
    It's cheesy and Christmasy and I love all the actors.
  9. Independence Day.
    One of the best alien invasion movies ever. I said it.
  10. Men In Black.
    Super fun. Also about aliens. Also has Will Smith.
  11. Men In Black III.
    Things I like a lot: Will Smith and aliens.
  12. Any Disney movie from the 90s.
  13. Matilda.
    There was one summer during elementary school when all I did was watch this movie over and over. I loved to read and I want special powers.
  14. Jurassic Park.
    I actually never saw this movie until a few years ago, and now I am obsessed.