I love sports and I love to talk about them, but I don't think I'm too crazy about it. Until I start to talk about them.
  1. Cleveland Indians
    I grew up in Northeast Ohio in the 90s. The Browns got sold and football was gone. The Indians went to the World Series twice. It was beautiful. I still love the Indians more than any other team and try to go to as many games a season that I can.
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers
    My parents don't care too much about basketball. I started watching it more myself when my husband and I got married. Now I love it. I'm obsessed with Delly.
  3. Bowling Green Falcons
    This is my alma mater. I am happy for them when they win and root for them in anything and always. However, I mainly follow how the football and hockey teams are doing.
  4. Ohio State Buckeyes
    Both my parents and my brother went to Ohio State. OSU football is on in my parents' house a lot more than the Browns ever are. I've also been to more OSU games than Browns. And I like their band.
  5. Arsenal
    My husband is obsessed with English soccer. I now understand soccer and know more EPL players than NFL players. I even care a bit. Who would have predicted?
  6. Crystal Palace
    See "Arsenal."
  7. Columbus Crew
    My husband likes soccer. My husband is from Columbus. We watch a lot of these games. I enjoy them.
  8. Cleveland Browns
    I watch them with zero expectations for their success, but am super happy for the city when they do well.
  9. Columbus Blue Jackets
    My husband is from Columbus, so this team appears on my screen from time to time. I really enjoy hockey more in person.
  10. United States
    I effing love the Olympics and will watch every sport broadcasted. Swimming is my favorite (as I was a swimmer).