1. A ton of movies that are coming out in the next several weeks
    The Space Between Us, Fist Fight, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers, CHIPS
  2. Watching more movies at home with Dan
    For starters...Turbo Kid, iBoy
  3. Wearing my new Bean boots!
  4. No testing in the month of February
  5. Super Bowl
    I like the commercials and only really caring about NFL football for one night a year.* (*I follow the Browns, I just don't feel passionately about them - I want them to do well but it doesn't affect my happiness if they don't)
  6. RESA completed
    So. Over. It.
  7. Valentine's Day
    Dinner date at Don Ramon's
  8. 8 year dating anniversary
  9. Three day weekend
    Presidents' Day
  10. Jackie's play
    Very exciting!!!
  11. Trip to BG with Dan
    Hockey, movie, El Zarape, Easy Street, Grounds for Thought, campus
  12. James Madison Fellowship application completed
    Want. So. Bad.
  13. Dan's birthday
  14. Trip to Columbus
    To celebrate Dan's birthday!
  15. Girls' night with Sarah and Kaylyn
    And seeing Sarah's new house!