My Favorite Movies From Each Year I've Been Alive

Inspired by @gwcoffey
  1. 1989 - Say Anything...
    Even though there were so many great films in 1989 nothing beats the first time you see Lloyd Dobler lift that boom box above his head blasting Peter Gabriel. "I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen"
  2. 1990 - Pretty Woman
    Tough choice with such great films like Goodfellas and Edward Scissorhands. But when ranking favorites every time this is on I will not leave the couch.
  3. 1991 - Beauty and the Beast
    Hands down the best Disney movie.
  4. 1992 - Aladdin
    Disney just spitting out hits with a killer soundtrack.
  5. 1993 - The Sandlot
    This movie was the definition of my childhood. When you quote a movie at least once a week you know it's one of the favorites.
  6. 1994 - The Shawshank Redemption
    Such a well acted and amazing story. Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins are friend goals.
  7. 1995 - Jumanji
    I secretly wanted this game to be real.
  8. 1996 - Space Jam
    Any kid who loved basketball knows this movie word for word.
  9. 1997 - My Best Friend's Wedding
    Julia Roberts movies in the 90s were amazing. Plus one of my favorite movie lines ever "It's amazing the clarity that comes with psychotic jealously"
  10. 1998 - You've Got Mail
    People say Sleepless in Seattle is Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks best rom com. I totally disagree.
  11. 1999 - Cruel Intentions
    When you're a preteen this was the movie you watched at a sleepover with your girlfriends. It was slightly scandalous especially at that age and made you think high school was definitely only sex and drugs. Or at least private high school.
  12. 2000 - American Psycho
    Amazing movie. Even more amazing when people just don't get it.
  13. 2001 - Training Day
    Denzel's best film. Plus the ending!
  14. 2002 - Brown Sugar
    Controversial pick. But I love this movie!
  15. 2003 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
    The only movie I have ever seen twice in theaters and on the same day.
  16. 2004 - Anchorman
    Hands down my favorite comedy. Every time I watch it something new and hysterical hits me
  17. 2005 - Pride & Prejudice
    My second favorite movie of all time.
  18. 2006 - She's The Man
    Channing Tatum. Enough said.
  19. 2007 - Enchanted
    I thought I would hate this movie. A real life princess film was not ok with me but everything about this movie is fantastic and was a great transition from cartoon to real life
  20. 2008 - Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    This movie is just amazing. I wish Dracula the Musical was a real thing
  21. 2009 - The Hangover
    One of the funniest films I've ever seen
  22. 2010 - Toy Story 3
    I love Toy Story and typically hate sequels but being 20 and watching this movie I felt so many emotions. This film did such a great job bringing me back to my childhood
  23. 2011 - Crazy, Stupid, Love
    This movie has everything. Especially Ryan Gosling
  24. 2012 - Skyfall
    My favorite Bond film. And I LOVE Bond. This had everything I ever wanted in a Bond film. It was very dark and really dug into the Javier's twisted mind. Perfection
  25. 2013 - We're The Millers
    No Ragrets
  26. 2014 - Whiplash
    A breath of fresh air. The relationship between Miles Teller and JK Simmons was amazing. Every kid who thinks their amazing should be forced to watch this movie.
  27. 2015 - Star Wars - The Force Awakens
    After an abysmal Star Wars prequel trilogy in the 90s and early 00s this was a savior. Now granted I'm not a hardcore crazy fan but I really appreciated this movie