1. "You want the bathroom code? Make me laugh and it's yours."
  2. "I'm so sorry but I don't make frappucinos. Personal policy."
  3. "OK I have some kind of coffee drink here, I forgot what it is, for some shithead named... 'Trant?'"
  4. "Is that that Lumineers joint? Crank that shit up Shift Manager Lauren!"
  5. "I know this isn't what you ordered, but trust me, (whispers) this is what you need."
  6. "The bathroom code? I'll give you a hint: there's no 6 in it. Good luck and have fun!"
  7. "I've got a bacon egg sandwich that I've taken two bites out of for Ellen!"
  8. "Be with you folks in 15. Need to finish this list. "