1. Quizno's. -5 FUCKS.
    Bway boy for life.
  2. Jersey Mike's. -10 FUCKS.
    It's my Bway or the highbway (Subways right off highway exits).
  3. Togo's. -20 FUCKS.
    You've heard of Subway, right?
  4. Putting wiper fluid in my car cuz the light is on. -200 FUCKS.
    I decide when to put wiper fluid in my car not some goddamn light.
  5. Whether I want sushi or something more New American-y tonight. O FUCKS.
    Both sound good. Probably just hit Subway though.
  6. What you think of me and my lists. TOO MANY FUCKS (18) BUT THAT'S HOW IT IS.
  7. My crew. 69 FUCKS (MAX AMOUNT OF FUCKS).
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  8. Your crew. 15 FUCKS.
    Always interested in different crews and their dynamics.
  9. Action Bronson's new album "Mr Wonderful." 12 FUCKS.
    "I know you see me on the TV, lookin' like a hunk of beef/when I smile your baby mama shit her dungarees."
  10. The fact that this joke has probably been made before. 4 FUCKS.