I work in Van Nuys, CA and eat at the various Subways referenced below. Still trying to find the best one.
  1. "This subway will get you through the day but it's nothing special." -Raymond L.
  2. "It used to be a Quiznos which then turned into a better restaurant which is Subway." -Jazz R.
  3. "Like all Subway chains you can pretty much guess what the inside looks like: Food photos everywhere posted on the wall, green ceiling fans, etc." -Raymond L.
  4. "Love stopping by before I get home for a quick sub." -Danica G.
  5. "So far one of the few with best customer service. I am nice and believe you should be to...Anyways, they built my flatizzas just the way I want them." -Beverly N
  6. "This place is a good subway. But the one down the street is open 24 hours and that's nice!" -Caleb G
  7. "This is a decent location, when the older lady with the buck teeth isn't there...She throws your sandwich together with no conviction. Just avoid her." -Johnny B.
  8. "Standard issue sub." -Bob L.
    Bob L left this review for several Subways in the Van Nuys area.
  9. "...I haven't been to subway in at least 2 years. I gotta say it: when did Subway get good, really good?" -Damian B
  10. "Unfortunately I have to take away my 5 star review..." -Laura D.
  11. "It was missing something, I don't know what but it was missing LIFE!" -Cindy S.