When I was a kid I had a lot of career aspirations. Some less aspirational than others. Some I've even fulfilled...as minimum wage jobs
  1. 1st-Mommy. From dolls to wanting to hold every live baby I saw. *not yet achieved, but still aspiring to be
  2. 2nd-Cashier. I loved the "beeper" at the grocery store. While I was not a "beeper lady" at a grocery store, my first job was a cashier at the mall. Now I continue to work as a sales associate as a part time job.
  3. 3rd-Hairdresser. I played with my own hair a lot and also loved styling my moms hair. This was a short lived dream when I realized you actually have to make people's hair look good.
  4. 4th-Cosmetologist. After learning that hair wasn't going to be an easy task, I thought this sounded fancier. It made me feel pretty important when my teachers asked what I wanted to be when I grew up until I got nervous and butchered this big word and ended up saying makeup artist.
  5. 5th-Screenwriter. This was my long time goal from middle school until college. The DVD sets of my favorite TV show, One Tree Hill, had commentary and interviews with the creator and writer and I wanted to be him. I declare Film as my major when I went to college, but quickly realized there was more to the major than writing teen drama.
  6. 6-I HAVE NO IDEA! I'm not a grown up! Is anyone really ever a grown up? I've graduated from college with a degree in Public Relations and have worked a horrible full time job in a call center, continued as a part time sales associate, and I tirelessly look around at other people's jobs to find that I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.