Pandora has given you the awesome ability to mix artists into custom has also given your friends ability to create awful mix are some awful stations to look out for
  1. Fire & Dre
    Earth Wind & Fire mixed with Dre
    Dave Matthews Band mixed with some good old Florida Georgia Line
  3. Setallica Gomez
    Selina Gomez mixed with some Metallica B-sides
  4. Beats and Shins
    My friend has this station: mixing The Shins and The Beatles. It's actually pretty great, but it feels like The Beatles are a variety on its own...
  5. Twitter wars
    T-swift mixed with Nicki...this should be illegal
  6. Back to the Future
    Any 70's/80's Rock band who decided to make an awful "modern" album that failed
  7. XX Passion XX
    The XX mixed with Passion Pit...too many quiet melodies mixed with loud synths...NOTE: most likely to give you a heart attack
  8. Ego Trip
    30 seconds to Mars mixed with Kanye West...Leto and Kanye together? That's too much of a god complex for one station