1. People whose Snapchat stories are exclusively videos of them talking to the camera like some kind of reality star
    Hate to break it to you but your life isn't that interesting and your commentary on your life is even LESS interesting
  2. People who drink black coffee
    Are you a human or a robot why do you enjoy drinking this mud poo water
  3. People who have never posted a #tbt of a childhood picture
    Once again, are you a human or a robot? Is this some sort of Jason Bourne situation or were you just a hideous youth? Either way, I don't trust you.
  4. People who don't like avocados
    My sister hates avocados and even though she's my flesh and blood, DON'T TRUST HER! If you don't like avocados you're probably a serial killer.
  5. People who don't like Justin Bieber's new singles
  6. People who only RT on Twitter
    Have you no thoughts of your own? DEFINITELY not trustworthy.