1. Paying for surge priced Ubers
    NYC was a madhouse all weekend with Halloween and the marathon, but naturally @amp and myself were far too bratty to opt for the subway on Saturday night and decided to accept the higher surge pricing as we frolicked from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back again
  2. Responding to a 3am text from an ex
    NEVER RESPOND to a 3am text of any kind, ESPECIALLY when it contains only emojis AND is from an ex. It's just a bad idea and it will never end well. After all, we all know emoji texts are the new "u up?" texts.
  3. Forgetting to take off the fake lashes
    I woke up with the world's itchiest eyeballs and now I look eternally stoned
  4. Drinking double IPAs
    They're called DOUBLE because they're twice as strong. Drinking these may lead you to complete #2 on this list by accident.
  5. Thinking I can dance just as well as the dance crew from Bieber's SORRY video
    Just because you're wearing the same outfit and lipstick doesn't mean you can twerk like them, Saturday night Claire.