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Cause we all know our purses are just a gaping black hole
  1. Wallet
    Let's start with the obvious. You need your wallet for purchasing things or identify your body if you are found dead with your purse. But how often are dead people found with their purses?
  2. An infinite amount of receipts
    The number of receipts I have in my purse are ridiculous. Of course most of them are food. From the Whataburger meal I had two weeks ago to the lunch meal I had yesterday. Why do I even take the receipt the servers at restaurants leave us after running our cards. Apparently to just sit in my receipt collection located in my purse. Oh here's one for an oil change. How adult of me.
  3. Two pairs of sunglasses
    Let me explain why I carry two. One are aviators and the others are wayfarer. Anyone that knows me knows I love aviators but they are so thin that they don't hold my hair back when I put them on top of my head (I know how peasant, right). That's where the wayfarers come in. They have the right thickness to hold my hair back without sliding everywhere. And no they are not polarized. I'm not that fancy.
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  1. JK Rowling
    As an huge Potterhead, I would love no other than to sit down with Mrs. Rowling and ask her an infinite amount of questions. She would probably get so annoyed with my constant questions that when I went to use the restroom, she would be gone by the time I got back.
  2. Jennifer Lawrence
    I'm a huge JLaw fan. She's so cool and quirky. I have probably seen all her movies. My dream would be to have dinner and find out we have so much in common and become best of friends.
  3. Entire Cast of Game of Thrones
    Including those that have been brutally murdered by GRRM. I would honestly be happy if Khaleesi, House Stark, House Lannister (even though most of them are sinister, it would be a fun dinner), Khal Drogo, and whom ever else wanted to join was there. It's Game of fucking Thrones.
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Quizzes= Life
  1. Which Hunger Games character are you?
    Only one of the best characters in the Hunger Games series. I feel so honored to have gotten this result. I'm with Katniss is this rebellion *three finger salute*
  2. Which tech founder are you?
    Anyone that knows me, knows I love Apple and own several Apple products. So it's a huge compliment to have gotten the legendary Steve Jobs.
  3. Which House should you belong to in Game of Thrones?
    House Targaryen. Fire and Blood. Team Dragons forever.
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