People I Would Love to Dine With

  1. JK Rowling
    As an huge Potterhead, I would love no other than to sit down with Mrs. Rowling and ask her an infinite amount of questions. She would probably get so annoyed with my constant questions that when I went to use the restroom, she would be gone by the time I got back.
  2. Jennifer Lawrence
    I'm a huge JLaw fan. She's so cool and quirky. I have probably seen all her movies. My dream would be to have dinner and find out we have so much in common and become best of friends.
  3. Entire Cast of Game of Thrones
    Including those that have been brutally murdered by GRRM. I would honestly be happy if Khaleesi, House Stark, House Lannister (even though most of them are sinister, it would be a fun dinner), Khal Drogo, and whom ever else wanted to join was there. It's Game of fucking Thrones.
  4. Tatiana Maslany
    If anyone has seen Orphan Black, you will understand why I would want to dine with Tatiana. She plays a million different characters on Orphan Black, each with different accents, looks and expressions. She's an extraordinary actress who deserves more recognition.
  5. Sierra Boggess
    If you don't know her, go look her up right now. She's an amazing Broadway actress. She has perfect pitch with a voice of an angel. She's played numerous characters but my favorite is Christine from Phantom of the Opera. She's played Christine in four different occasions. Las Vegas show, Lover Never Dies (Phantom sequel), 25th Anniversary Gala, and on Broadway. She's Andrew Lloyd Webber's favorite Christine and once you hear her sing you'll know why. I currently stalk her on all social media.
  6. TODAY Show Anchors (All four hours)
    It would be a fun, drunken dinner party especially with KLG and Hoda there. I just want to be part of the Today Show family.