1. Preschool - Brett
    First crush I can remember. He had the perfect beach blond bowl cut and wore OshKosh like no other. I recorded a song on my Fisher Price tape recorder about him. My mother still has the infamous tapes.
  2. Kindergarten - Travis Sugar
    He was athletic and had a perfectly bronzed cherub face. And his parents got divorced that year and I felt like he really needed me to be there for him.
  3. 2nd Grade - ??
    Don't remember his name but I convinced him that he needed to give me a Pooka shell necklace that was given to him by another girl in our class. She felt that was the ultimate betrayal and thus he was all mine.
  4. 3rd Grade - Taylor
    I always tried to sit next to him during our classroom "circle-up" talks and he def tried to avoid me. My first run-in with unrequited love. I farted in front of him and the rest of the class during one of these talks and I was MORTFIED. He became a D1 college quarterback, still cute.