"Requested" by @mnickwrites . I based my selections on topics I'm interested in, but also audiences I'd like to join.
  1. Robin Sloan: Nerd Stuff
    I've had a serious crush on the author of Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore since I saw his panel at the Texas Book Festival a couple of years ago. He is so smart and interesting on such a wide variety of nerd stuff; I think he should join Li.st immediately.
  2. Brenda Chapman: Draw Your Own Conclusions, Boys Club of Animation
    Maybe Jennifer Yuh Nelson would join her for this panel? 🤔
  3. Frank Oz: All My Best Puppeteer Stories
    I promise to BE COOL during this presentation, y'all. (Context: IT'S PROBABLY MY FAULT
  4. Susana Querejazu, Queen of the Austin Pastry World: How I Work My Sweet Sweet Magic
    Audience receives all the samples they can eat.
  5. Katie B from 2056: Everything is Awesome! Also, Time Travel.
    My future self tells me what's up.