Austin's Third Annual Bacon & Beer Festival raised food & funds for the Capital Area Food Bank. It was a good day.
  1. 16.
    Nutella stuffed date, wrapped in Berkshire bacon
    I made the mistake of putting this whole thing in my mouth. Chewing it for the next 7 minutes felt like a part-time job. Way too much Nutella; it was all I could taste. (Made by Lox, Box & Barrel)
  2. 15.
    Bacon bubbles
    Molecular bubble of cream cheese, bacon, olive oil & spices. Ever done a shot of mayo that has the texture of an over-easy egg yolk? Never again. (No idea who made this; their sign was handwritten and only included the description.)
  3. 14.
    Preserved fig stuffed with blueberry compote, wrapped in smoked tender belly bacon
    No photo; it looked like an animal turd stabbed with a plastic sword. Tasted only of blueberries, but at least it was small. (Made by Basecamp.)
  4. 13.
    Onigiri with bacon, rolled in sesame seeds
    They had a few different options for what your rice ball could be rolled in. Needed more bacon. (Made by Fukumoto)
  5. 12.
    Bacon baked beans with tomatoes and pork rind croutons
    The beans were warm, but the tomatoes were cold. I wish it was just the croutons with a drizzle of bean juice. (Made by Pink Avocado)
  6. 11.
    Vanilla bean cake with Pecan Porter buttercream and bacon topping
    Yep, fondant still tastes like toothpaste. Otherwise tasty but unremarkable. (Made by Blue Note Bakery)
  7. 10.
    Bacon cornbread stuffing
    This looked like a loaded potato skin, but this sample was actually the size of my index finger with a wee fork. (Made by Cartewheels Catering. Yes, that's how the sign was spelled.)
  8. 9.
    Bacon jam & chicken on a puff pastry with cayenne cream sauce
    Good not great. The sauce was really nice—like spicy whipped cream. (Made by Sala & Betty)
  9. 8.
    White bean hummus, bacon jam, naan
    Simple and tasty. (Made by Snack Bar)
  10. 7.
    Bacon & pimento cheese, with pickle relish
    I would eat half a sandwich of this, and I don't even like pickles. (Made by Proof & Cooper)
  11. 6.
    Austin Eastciders pineapple upside down cake topped with cherry bacon jam
    Tart and bacon-y, yum. (Made by No Va)
  12. 5.
    Bacon salad
    512 Pecan Porter candied bacon, grilled peaches, pickled onion & arugula. Great sweet/savory balance. (Made by Revival Public House)
  13. 4.
    Deep Ellum BACCDBS Ice Cream
    Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Barrel-Aged Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout ice cream. Rich and not too sweet. (Made by Amy's Ice Cream)
  14. 3.
    Papa's Pilar Maple Bacon Ice Cream
    Papa's Pilar dark rum, maple bacon, ice cream. Damn, this was a frozen delight. (Made by Amy's Ice Cream)
  15. 2.
    The Griddler
    Beeler's applewood smoked bacon, fennel & black pepper patè, roasted tomato & balsamic fig jam, basil aioli griddled Italian bread. I would eat an entire sandwich of this every day for the foreseeable future. (Made by Frank)
  16. 1.
    Pork belly on cheese grits
    Melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Went back for a final bit so the last think I ate that day wouldn't be a Nutella stuffed nightmare. (Made by Cannon & Belle)