(And in a few cases actually do.) Inspired by @shanaz 😘
  1. Static
    Young Cary Elwes later married a woman who looks just like me.
  2. Static
    Matt Bomer had a sister named Katie. My brother is named "Matt." (Not the last time this would happen.)
  3. Static
    I was married to Ralph Fiennes for nearly 5 years. He cut his hair just before the wedding.
  4. Static
    When last I heard about clean-shaven prematurely grey Louis CK, he was engaged to a woman who looked just like his sister. (And nothing like me.)
  5. Static
    Former Marine Scott Eastwood is the first and last time I'll date 5 years younger.
  6. Static
    💔 Favorite ex-boyfriend Seth MacFarlane. Just going to pause for a moment to repeat to myself "HE IS NOT FOR ME."
  7. Static
    Gilles Marini worked in comic books years prior to meeting me yet never once fulfilled my unspoken dream of being drawn as a comic book character.
  8. Static
    Broke up with Jason Bateman in the fall. Pretty sure he's an alcoholic.