Inspired by @nathanveshecco, I present my family's Island of Misfit Ornaments.
  1. My nephews call this evil-eyed creeper Scary Claus.
    He's the size of a human thumb.
  2. This lord's no longer a-leapin'.
    He doesn't even seem concerned about where his legs are. (Since they broke off, we hang them separately.)
  3. Shifty the Elf
    My SIL gave him to me in 2011. His nose is an arrow, and I don't know what's going on with his right hand.
  4. Shifty the Elf, 2014 Version
    The past few years have been tough on ol' Shifty. He's been forced to carry his own left foot. Some sort of fur might be growing on his face. Can't wait to get him out this year!
  5. The Baby Head
    A friend of my mom's hand-makes dolls. She painted this baby face, knitted the cap, and gave my mom the ornament years ago. As you can see, The Baby Head remains sullen and angry about its lack of a body. My brother and I used to fight over who had to hang The Baby Head, which must be done while chanting in your best Bale Batman voice "where's my body? Gimme my body!" Now my nephews alternate between delighted and repulsed by Baby Head hanging duty.
  6. Angrier Baby Head
    The Baby Head is often placed on a red light.
  7. Zombie Baby Head
    Remember when that app where you could zombify anything with eyes was really popular? Welcome to my nightmares. Gimme my body!