Inspired by @brookerandell
  1. Coach Eric Taylor
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    In this completely plausible scenario, I could either be myself or the amazing Tami Taylor. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.
  2. Bones McCoy
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    Kirk's funny confidant. He's a doctor, Jim, not an astrophysicist!
  3. Michael Bluth
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    I'd be the funny one, since he'd be the straight man.
  4. Richard Castle
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    Have you seen his. . .I mean OUR New York apartment?
  5. Oh. Wait a minute.
  6. I just picked four characters who I like because of the actors in the role.
  7. And who look enough alike to be brothers.
  8. I didn't even get to this guy.
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  9. Or this one.
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  10. Time to admit I have a type, okay?!