I've accidentally become a Swedish Fish authority in my office: HOW TO: HAVE A NORDIC NIBBLES TASTE-OFF
  1. Once I found out Swedish Fish gum existed, I had to find it.
  2. And then I had to ask anyone who approached my desk to try a piece and give me their feedback.
  3. This is what they said:
  4. "I smelled it for too long; it made me sick."
  5. "Tastes like Swedish Fish. You know, plastic."
  6. "This gum is the best thing that's happened to me today."
  7. "As soon as it becomes gum-like, shit goes downhill."
  8. "Not terrible."
  9. "I'm forcing myself not to swallow it because it's gum, not candy."
  10. "Smells like a Now-or-Later."
  11. "Tastes like I shouldn't be eating it, but it was in my Trick or Treat bag so I have to eat it."
  12. "Small burst of 'not terrible' about 15 seconds in."
  13. "This gum makes me happy! Oh no no no. This is not good."
  14. "Once you get past the fish, it's just gum."
  15. "Definitely a Sometimes Food."