To my family: youngest to old
  1. Big bouncy balls (Youngest Nephew, Age 4)
    Smallest fella loves throwing things. One ball glows in the dark, one blinks when in bounces, the third is oddly shaped so it bounces unpredictably. 9/10 chance I'm hit with one of these soon.
  2. Nerf vest (Middle Nephew, Age 9)
    Middle fella's Christmas list consisted of 12 different nerf guns, including one that cost over $100. This vest has lots of places for nerf ammo, and came with cool safety glasses. When he opens it, he'll shrug and chuck it aside, so I'll unfold it and show him the features. 10/10 his older brother proclaims jealousy.
  3. Goofy joke books (Stocking, Middle Nephew)
    Kid loves a silly joke. In many ways, we have a similar sense of humor. "What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y" 😆
  4. The Maleficent Seven, by Derek Landy (Oldest Nephew, age 11)
    Two Christmases ago, I introduced this kid to Skullduggery Pleasant. He's devoured the series, and re-reads the books frequently. I had to order this book from the UK, and was on pins and needles awaiting delivery until last night. 8/10 he reads this book first. (Kid is getting A LOT of books for Christmas.)
  5. Fablehaven series, by Brandon Mull (Oldest Nephew)
    9/10 he'll open it, not recognize it as something he wants, and chuck it aside. When he finally reads it, I know he'll love it.
  6. Temporary Harry Potter tattoos (Sister-in-Law)
    She wants a real Harry Potter tattoo. 7/10 she applies these to herself and her children right after lunch.
  7. Half year membership, Beef Jerky of the Month (Brother)
    Somehow I resisted the incredible urge to make my brother a big "Jerk of the Month" card to notify him of the gift. 😆
  8. Awesome socks (Myself)
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    I stuff all the adult stockings in my family, and it gives me an excuse to buy things for myself. Found these at Target for $2.50. Briefly considered stuffing them in SIL's stocking, but didn't.
  9. More awesome socks (More for Me)
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    My office has an informal tradition of Funky Sock Friday, and I delight in adding to my collection. These "Dough-Eyed" socks are nearly as fantastic as my Tacosaurus socks.
  10. Donations to Donors Choose (Mom)
    My mom never wants anything, and frequently rejects even the suggestion of receiving gifts. Many years ago, she suggested we spend our gift money on charity, and now we do. On her behalf, I donated school supplies and books to two different high poverty schools in our city. I wrapped a print out of the requests and thank you notes from the teachers for Mom. 8/10 she cries a little upon opening.
  11. Star Wars Movie/Lunch date (Dad)
    My Dad's a huge Star Wars fan, but hates going to the movies alone. I'm taking him to see the new movie at our Alamo Drafthouse next week. 10/10 avoiding spoilers has been driving me nuts.
  12. Stout beer sampler (Dad)
    A few years ago, I put together a Stout and Porter craft beer sampler six-pack for my dad, and he loved it. I've kept up the tradition, though this year's gift was simply Stout--and I only brought 3 since they were big beers. Naturally, my idiot brother stuck two random boring generic six-packs under the tree for our dad.😡