Inspired by @LizDawson & @andersun
  1. I believe I've written this list before: THINGS I BELIEVE IN
  2. I believe I can think of 10 more beliefs:
  3. I believe in sharing, even if it's just a bite.
  4. I believe an email should not sit unread in my "in" box for more than a day.
  5. I believe I would be sorted into Ravenclaw if I were to attend Hogwarts.
    Pottermore agrees.
  6. I believe teamwork makes the dream work.
  7. I believed brother and sister house gnomes lived under my brother's bed and left my brother and I tiny notes until well into my elementary school years.
  8. I believe that if you hurt one of my friends or family members, you'll be sorry.
  9. I believe in keeping a bowl of candy on my desk at work.
  10. I believe in laughing at myself.
  11. I believe in having no chill.
  12. I believe in