1. the belt that looks best with that one dress.
    How could I lose an entire belt in my own house?
  2. having copious amounts of weekday free time.
    Busy season at work + new role = work work work work work, go home, work more.
  3. all those DMs I'd probably be getting if I updated.
    But not enough to give up my chronological non-algorithm feed.
  4. Fall weather.
    Highs in the mid-80s?? Get it together, Texas.
  5. feeling creative enough to finish lovely list requests or half-formed but surely fully great list ideas.
    Soon, I hope?
  6. that time in my life when the phrase "love trumps hate" didn't make me think of a terrible human.
    Love aces hate? 🎾 Love bests hate? 🏆 Love eclipses hate? 🌒
  7. some of our fellow listers who haven't been around in a while.
    Miss your words, pals.
  8. when my DVR wasn't 90% full.
    Am I really going to watch Designated Survivor?
  9. getting enough sleep.
    Sweet dreams. 💜