@thesting I loved thinking about which TV sets could be my home!
  1. Richard Castle's NY Apartment (Castle)
    Rows and rows of bookshelves, leather, and dark wood? YES. Castle's place is huge, and we've never even seen the upstairs portion of his apartment. Also I would like to live with Richard Castle (when I'm Kate Beckett) or Nathan Fillion (when I'm myself).
  2. Secret Locations (Alias)
    I don't specifically remember where Sydney Bristow kept her disguises in Alias, but I know the show utilized a lot of secret passages. I want access--especially to her wig wardrobe. With all that, I wouldn't need actual skills to kick bad guy ass, right?
  3. The Library (The Librarians)
    Prior to the tv series The Librarians, the tv-movies were set at the Metropolitan Public Library. There, a secret section of the library housed historical/magical items like the Ark of the Covenant and Excalibur. In the series, The Library exists in a lighthouse that includes a door/portal to anywhere. Dream home!