Do you ever imagine other ways your life might have turned out? In some alternate universe, I'm probably living my Katie C. life where:
  1. I met my husband Kyle in 2004 at the Texas Book Festival.
    I was volunteering, and he was attending.
  2. We married in Spring 2006, knowing he'd have a busy fall. Besides, when you're deeply and truly in love, who wants to wait?
  3. Even though we didn't know how long his work would be based here, we decided our permanent home would be. We bought a house on the lake.
  4. Our home became a social hub for many of his co-workers and crew. Many weekends, we'd host everyone for BBQ and water fun. One of my new best friends rented a house nearby.
  5. In 2007, our daughter Ella was born. Little sister Amelia joined our family in 2009.
  6. After the show wrapped, Kyle opted to focus on movie roles.
  7. He's only recently gone back to series work, now that the girls are a little older and in school.
  8. I've continued my volunteer work with the Book Festival. Try as they might, they still haven't convinced me to speak as a featured author. My children's books featuring the wacky adventures of our favorite ginger fella have been bestsellers for the past few years.
  9. Kyle has this week off. Our girls are out to dinner with my parents, and he'll be home soon to grill steaks for the two of us. I just put his favorite mac & cheese in the oven.
  10. But first, a boat ride. . .