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  1. Black Star Co-op is the world's first cooperatively-owned and worker self-managed brewpub.
    Black Star is owned by a community of 3000+ individuals, and is managed by their Workers' Assembly.
  2. In 2005, Steven Yarak had the idea for a beer bar owned by the regulars.
  3. He started organizing a group via a home brew club on the Zealots list, which is an e-mail listserv of local make-your-own types.
  4. At the first meeting, in January 2006, Jeff Young approached Yarak and let him know he was a professionally trained brewer looking for a brewpub. He suggested that a community-oriented bar should have their own house beers.
  5. Johnny Livesay, at the time a board member of Wheatsville Co-Op, also attended the meeting and gave Yarak the legal information about Texas cooperative statues.
  6. Yarak and Young started growing their fan base and their membership through monthly beer socials.
  7. The name "Black Star" comes via the flag of the nation of Ghana. Yarak's father teaches African history at Texas A&M.
  8. Black Star Co-Op opened for business in 2010.
  9. One of their cooperative principles is paying a fair, living wage to employees, so tipping is not allowed.
  10. Their menu was created to pair with beers, serving locally sourced and sustainably produced foods provided by by a community of conscientious Texas farmers and ranchers who are devoted to the same principals.
    They get cheese from local favorite cheese shop Antonelli's and fresh-baked bread from Easy Tiger, for example. http://www.blackstar.coop/eat/
  11. Young, their brewer, looked to his mathematician background to name the beers. The house beers are broken down into series: Rational, Irrational, and Infinite.
  12. Rational Beers, like rational numbers, are constructable. For example, 3/2 equals 1.5, and a traditional Porter with a dose of molasses yields their Recalcitrant Dockhand.
    I got that description straight off their website; I don't math beer.
  13. Irrational Beers, like irrational numbers, require more than simple ingredients for their construction.
    Again, per the website. Looks like the Irrational selection includes Belgian-style pale ale and sour-mashed wheat beer options.
  14. Black Star Co-Op is located next to Capital Metro's Crestview commuter rail station. Earlier this month, they were one of three Austin breweries included on the Red Line Brewery Tour.
    Attendees received free Red Line sunglasses and koozies upon completion of the self-guided tour. They also got $1 off beer at each brewery during the event by showing their MetroRail ticket stub.
  15. If you're not riding the rail to the first ever Texas Li.st Meet-Up on Saturday, there is free lot or garage parking available at Black Star.
    Hey, did you sign up yet? Texas Li.st Meet Up
  16. You can order food and beer at the counter when you walk in.
  17. Our Texas Li.st Meet-Up group will have an area reserved around the corner to the right of the order counter, next to the brewery.
  18. I'm going to arrive early to stuff my face with meat and cheese.
    A prior special, In Queso Emergency, which featured both queso and Fritos. 😍 I'll be the tall blonde covered in meat and cheese juice. I mean, the tall blonde waiting to greet you in our meet-up area at 6:30.
  19. Hope to see you there on Saturday!