That's right: Sherbert. Not Sherbet. Aka: Sherbs, Bear (Little Bear, Sweet Bear), Bunny, Pal, Sherbish, Buddy, Love
  1. He was born at the Town Lake Animal Shelter on December 17, 2004.
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    He had a brother and sister (both calico), and they were fostered by a volunteer until I adopted him on February 17, 2005. His brother and sister already had other homes. (This is a picture of his baby picture.)
  2. I post a picture of him on Instagram every Saturday.
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    I started 130 weeks ago with this photo.
  3. He has many hobbies, like looking out the window,
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  4. Staring at blank spaces on the wall
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  5. Or on the front door,
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  6. Drinking fresh from the faucet,
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  7. Looking out a different window from inside his kitty tent,
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  8. Watching hockey,
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  9. And hanging around in front of the pantry looking cute until he gets a treat.
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  10. He's also really into this one pair of shoes.
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    Sometimes I catch him shoulder-deep in these, sniffing 'em up. Sometimes he just wants to sit right next to them and thoroughly wash his own face.
  11. He likes sleeping in a ball.
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  12. Sometimes a leg escapes the round.
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  13. Other times, he sleeps with an arm over his head.
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  14. It's like he's pulled the covers up.
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  15. He sleeps on his own face frequently.
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  16. While I worry if he can breathe,
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  17. He's busy deep couch snuggling.
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  18. He's perfected a masterful side-eye
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  19. And isn't afraid to glare you down.
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  20. He's my family. I love him. 💘
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