That's right: Sherbert. Not Sherbet. Aka: Sherbs, Bear (Little Bear, Sweet Bear), Bunny, Pal, Sherbish, Buddy, Love
  1. He was born at the Town Lake Animal Shelter on December 17, 2004.
    He had a brother and sister (both calico), and they were fostered by a volunteer until I adopted him on February 17, 2005. His brother and sister already had other homes. (This is a picture of his baby picture.)
  2. I post a picture of him on Instagram every Saturday.
    I started 130 weeks ago with this photo.
  3. He has many hobbies, like looking out the window,
  4. Staring at blank spaces on the wall
  5. Or on the front door,
  6. Drinking fresh from the faucet,
  7. Looking out a different window from inside his kitty tent,
  8. Watching hockey,
  9. And hanging around in front of the pantry looking cute until he gets a treat.
  10. He's also really into this one pair of shoes.
    Sometimes I catch him shoulder-deep in these, sniffing 'em up. Sometimes he just wants to sit right next to them and thoroughly wash his own face.
  11. He likes sleeping in a ball.
  12. Sometimes a leg escapes the round.
  13. Other times, he sleeps with an arm over his head.
  14. It's like he's pulled the covers up.
  15. He sleeps on his own face frequently.
  16. While I worry if he can breathe,
  17. He's busy deep couch snuggling.
  18. He's perfected a masterful side-eye
  19. And isn't afraid to glare you down.
  20. He's my family. I love him. 💘