Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva
  1. We brag on each other.
    You: "Did you try that bacon appetizer Katie brought? It's delicious!" Me: "He's the best at that thing he does! Have you seen that specific way he excels at his hobby?"
  2. You've learned to read my face as well as I can read yours.
    Especially helpful when I'm only using my eyebrows to communicate.
  3. When I break into a little happy groovy dance, you join right in with your own little happiness moves.
    Sometimes the rhythm gets ya. Usually in the kitchen.
  4. There are times we don't talk.
    These times include: during television shows, movies, or live music shows. Mornings before work. Whenever I press my forehead into the crook of your neck.
  5. We hold hands.
    Even in the car.
  6. I borrow one of your sweaters when we watch games at home instead of at the rink. We compete to invent the most ridiculous insults for the other team's players.
    And we both hate that guy 🐧
  7. When I'm being indecisive, you give me multiple choice options.
    Sometimes I just don't know what I want for dinner.
  8. We're each in charge of our own laundry, and maintain separate sock drawers, yet we gently heckle each other's system.
    My system: grab a handful of socks, cram into drawer, relish free time not spent organizing chaos. Your system: possibly different.
  9. When you order something different from me, you offer to share.
    Even dessert.
  10. We talk in bed before we go to sleep.
    We have a routine for saying good night that ends with a kiss.