Inspired by @LeahG originally, I think?
  1. No push notifications.
    Not here, not on any social media. Do you want to follow me on other social media? I'm not on Twitter. I'm easy to find on Instagram. I'm pretty much at creepy lurker status on FB. I am most active here.
  2. I start in my notifications.
    I receive notifications for a few people, so sometimes I go straight to their lists. I also want to reply to comments, or other times I'm mentioned.
  3. I read the featured and trending lists.
    Usually before deep-diving into my feed.
  4. I read my feed.
    I want to read your lists. Sometimes this means scrolling back 18 hours or more, and I don't even care. So I'll join a Title Wave late or miss drama. Shrug.
  5. I like you, I really really really like you.
  6. When I don't have words, I substitute emojis. Here's a handy reference guide if you're not sure what I mean: HOW I DECIDE WHICH HEART EMOJI TO USE WHEN SPREADING COMMENT LOVE (A LEGEND)
  7. I have a complicated relationship with relisting.
    There was a time when I appointed myself a intern, and I relisted like it was my part-time job. I have backed way off that method, and typically only relist what I want to share, and usually only I know if the lister has less followers than me. I'm not looking to see how many followers you have, I just have a vague idea that some people have a lot.
  8. I don't keep track of who is following me.
    I love to be followed! I have a couple of screenshots saved from when some people followed me because I am a nerd with no chill. If you decide to unfollow, that's your choice.
  9. I have trouble keeping track of who I follow.
    Sometimes I purge people. Please don't take this personally. Sometimes I think I'm following someone who I interact with regularly, and will feel deeply embarrassed when I realize I'm not. Hi friend! I've awkwardly started following you just now after months of chatting. 🙈
  10. I probably have 10 or so drafts.
    I try to publish or delete these pretty regularly. I am fascinated by the brainstorming power of people who have a ton of drafts.
  11. My favorite lists to read are stories, information specific to you ("what I'm into this week" for example), weird stuff, most Title Waves, poetry, art, playlists, food, vacation, movies, television...did I already mention how I really like reading lists? 💝
    Sometimes I skip baseball or basketball or Pokemon or other topics that I'm not into right now.
  12. I rarely Day
    I have too many things to do at work.
  13. I only occasionally use "Request A List" to actually request a list, but I enjoy receiving List Requests.
    I am not always great at fulfilling these, especially if I start to overthink the topic or feel like I have a self-imposed deadline. Don't let that stop you from sending them!
  14. I try not to use the Internet to discuss politics.
    I weigh in on topics where I feel like I can make a valuable contribution, but in this space I mostly need to read and learn on those. Political exceptions include: if I am personally offended by a gross generalization you have made, if I can use my moderate conservatism to convince you to not vote for Trump, and if I am preaching about the importance of voting (for probably the eleventieth time).
  15. App Auto-Updates: OFF
    You first.
    Some things will never change. ❤️