Thank you for soliciting my SUPER ACCURATE opinions at my request @nathanveshecco !
  1. Led Zeppelin: Overrated
    They've been cleared of plagiarism charges in the recent Stairway to Heaven case, but did anyone even notice?
  2. Outfits for pets: Overrated
    Like I want to give my cat another reason to want to kill me?
  3. Friends (the show): Underrated
    Until all the Friends are on Li.st, we surely haven't reached peak Friends fandom, have we? (No, I'm not.)
  4. Lord of the Rings: Overrated
    How much more is this thing dragging out? I am not this flavor of nerd.
  5. Summer Barbecues: Overheated
    If it's not too hot where you live to stand in front of a fire and cook meat, let me know. I like it rare and i'll bring dessert. Where I live, it's too hot to go outside in daylight.