Hi @aus10 ! Can we pretend my clock is 10 minutes slow? 😬
  1. * AT WORK *
  2. The night before Valentine's Day, one of my work friends was still at her desk well past office hours. I noticed she was water coloring paper and hand-lettering notes.
  3. Me: "Are you hand-making Valentines for everyone?"
  4. Her: "Oh no, just friends."
  5. I eagerly arranged my Valentine box in the conference room.
  6. On Valentine's Day, I dove into the box searching for candy and a beautiful handmade Valentine.
  7. * DATING *
  8. 🐝 Fella's Profile: Brian, 40 Recovering entrepreneur seeks (yadda yadda yadda awkward smart tall blondes).
  9. Me: "How does one recover from entrepreneurship?"
  10. 🐝Fella: "Long walks on the beach. Some TLC."
  11. Me: "So you're humming "Waterfalls" a lot?"
  12. 🐝Fella: (No response) (A full day passes) (unmatch)
  13. Giphy
    I'll take that as a "no."
  14. * LI.ST MARCH MADNESS 2016 *
  15. I actually made the finals!
  16. I received one pity vote from someone clearly very kind; I was completely outmatched.
  17. * LI.ST MARCH MADNESS 2017 *
  18. Giphy
  19. Giphy
  20. Giphy