I really do believe in you 💝
  1. Just slip a handwritten note in the mail for me.
  2. Tell me a juicy secret or two, please do.
  3. I really don't want a whole lot you see.
  4. But If you insist, here's another idea or two:
  5. A local treat from your town/city/state
    If I was sending something like this from my area, it might be local honey, fancy jam, or vodka. Or a magnet!
  6. A list of your favorite gifts to give, to whom and why.
    All occasions.
  7. Fun knee-high socks.
    My current collection consists of mustaches, tacosaurus, doughnuts, yeti, bacon, stars, stripes, polka dots.
  8. Chapstick or lip balm.
    I have lip color covered, but I love lip balm. I can't sleep without it.
  9. Dark chocolate.
    Really dark and bitter like the hard candy shell around my heart?
  10. Poetry.
    Rhyming not necessary.
  11. Something that makes me laugh.
    I think puns are funny, in case that's helpful.
  12. Cartoon me.
    Are you an artist? I'm still a little disappointed that the former comic book author/artist I dated a few years ago never cartooned me.
  13. Ummm.
    I've written a bunch of lists about things I'm into. Please feel free to creep away.
  14. Or perhaps you've already devised something perfectly marvelous?
    In that case, YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!