Thanks for request, @BWN_7! Before I started really thinking about all of my street names, I knew of a strong Texas theme. Now I feel slightly less easy to stalk. 😁 (Chronological ranking.)
  1. Edgerock Drive
    My family moved here from out of state when I was 2.5, so this is the first street name I knew. It's also the one I use for games like "what's your porn name." (First pet name + first street name = Priscilla "Miss Priss" Edgerock.)
  2. East 21st Street
    Lived in the dorm for a year in college with a stranger. (Emphasis on STRANGE.)
  3. Rio Grande
    For three years, I lived in an area known as West Campus, which is populated with sorority houses, fraternity houses, apartments and condos. My roomie's parents bought a condo (a 3rd floor, 2/2 apartment) and we lived there for 3 years. She stopped talking to me after 2.
  4. Knollwood
    Lived for a year with a friend I'd known since elementary. Scene of my first dinner party and first party where two guests disappeared to have sex in my bathroom. (Same party. 😐)
  5. Tallwood
    I lived alone for the first time. A kitty I called Harry liked to hang around my door and occasionally run into my apartment. (He was quite fluffy, but also had an orange stripe down his otherwise grey head.)
  6. Balcones Woods
    Living alone, this time in a two-story apartment. The second story was my loft bedroom and bathroom. I had trouble sleeping in such an open space.
  7. Redwing Way
    A house owned by my then-fiancé, later husband, later ex-husband in a suburb of my current city. I hated living in that suburb. (Not at all our biggest issue.)
  8. (Small Town in Texas) Lane
    Current no place like home. The exterior is pink, but that's another story entirely.