Today is Super Tuesday: voting for the 2016 Presidential Primary will be held in voting in 12 states and 1 US Territory.
  1. As in all things, Texas considers itself a BFD.
    Texas has the most Super Tuesday delegates available for both the Republicans & Democrats.
  2. There are 222 delegates at stake for Democratic candidates, and 155 delegates at stake for Republican candidates.
    Both parties assign the delegates using a proportional method, meaning delegates will be given to multiple candidates based on the results.
  3. I voted this afternoon at my high school.
    My county has an online polling location "wait time" clock per precinct. The polling location near my office had an hour + wait; my high school had a 7-minute wait. I thought it would be fun to vote at my high school; instead I just felt old.
  4. Voting is important to me every time, but today felt important.
  5. I'm proud that I did my part today by casting my vote.
    Even though my head was too big to include both it and my "I VOTED" sticker in the same photo.
  6. Static
    America. Hell yeah.