Inspired by @mirthnuts
  1. Slight dizziness of drifting off into a nap on the couch
  2. Accomplishment of finishing the last item "To Do"
  3. Tingling nostrils just before my eyes start to water over something I've read
  4. Possibilities in unexpected free time
  5. Scratchy soft lick of my kitty's tongue on my right eyebrow when I lean in to tell him goodnight
  6. Quick gasp of sudden hope or surprised delight
  7. Warm burn of just-a-teeny-bit-too-hot shower water
  8. Smallness and desire in a deadlock hug from someone who I want to press my entire body against
  9. Tears rolling, air gasping, uncontrollable laughter
    Or saying something that causes it
  10. Certainty