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  1. Fresh off his Tony Award winning performance as Hedwig,
  2. Neil Patrick Harris went on a book tour to support "Choose Your Own Autobiography."
  3. So I bought a ticket and lined up with 599 other fans at my local book store to get my book signed.
  4. A friend closer to the front of the line texted me the rules Book People staff were sharing: Due to the large number of attendees, you cannot take posed photos with Neil Patrick Harris. You cannot hug Neil Patrick Harris. Please move along once your book is signed.
  5. As I moved closer to the front of the line, and Neil Patrick Harris, I desperately tried to think of something witty and wonderful to say. Soon, he was within sight.
  6. Other people were using actual words to literally chat with Neil Patrick Harris. . .
  7. instead of just a series of wild eyebrow gestures and weird grins.
    Which I feared would be all I could manage.
  8. Then it was my turn. He said "Hi!" And took my book from the signing helper.
  9. I said "HI NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!" like some Doogie Howser-obsessed pre-teen. I barely noticed the security guy taking a small step towards me, on low-key alert.
  10. Neil Patrick Harris said "How are you?"
  11. And my mind went completely blank.
  12. I'm pretty sure I replied "Pretty good, Neil Patrick Harris. I mean, good. I'm good. You know. . .good."
  13. He smiled at me then, clearly recognizing my best friend potential.
    Or maybe secretly signaling security to prepare to tackle me if I lunged in for a hug.
  14. I pulled myself together:
  15. "May I request the highest of fives?"
  16. He said sure.
  17. We high-fived!
  18. And then I told everyone in the line who even glanced at me on my way out that I high-fived Neil Patrick Harris.
  19. And THEN I spent a confusing few minutes in the parking garage wondering why my key fob wouldn't open my car until I realized it was the wrong silver car.
  20. Don't worry, I'M GOOD.
    It was legen—wait for it—dary.