I remember it like it was yesterday. (It was yesterday.)
  1. Alton Brown is touring for his new cookbook, and he was in my city last night.
  2. He talked to the crowd at Book People for about 30 minutes, including Q&A.
  3. He dodged the "favorite restaurant in town" question, but said he drinks margaritas here.
    (Photo from his instagram.) Austinites are proud of their restaurants. The crowd "oooooohh-ed" when the question was asked. Alton Brown is too smart to name a favorite taco or BBQ joint in this city.
  4. An Archer fan asked if he was going to be back on the show. He said he's working on "something with puppets" with Lucky Yates.
  5. When asked which Food Network Star was his favorite, he answered "Are you kidding??"
    And: they're all wonderful and friendly and charitable upstanding citizens. (Oh you know he's got some stories.)
  6. I stood in line for about half an hour to get my book signed, with maybe 150 people in front of me.
  7. Handing him my book, I said "I asked them to include my "unique" last name on the note in the book for signing, since we share it."
  8. Alton Brown: Oh yeah, I hear there might be more than a few Browns out there....
  9. Me: (nervous giggle)
  10. Alton Brown: ...but we're probably cousins.
  11. Me: That's what I'm telling people.
  12. Alton Brown: (chuckle)
  14. Static