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  1. My friend Shellie celebrated her birthday in the best possible way:
  2. She invited a bunch of small animals over to her house to play.
  3. First we met a wallaby, snuggled in a pouch to hold.
  4. (Later he hopped around the living room, feelin' pretty bold.)
  5. A small timid hedgehog scuttled all around.
  6. We could pet him a little if his spikes were down.
  7. The ring-tailed lemur enjoyed being scratched under the arm.
  8. He stayed on his leash so he didn't do any harm.
  9. But I think we all know the real star of the show:
  10. A very tiny monkey whose name is Jojo.
  11. He approached me slowly, looking for his comfort bear.
  12. I tried to remain calm, and act like I didn't care.
  13. When in fact, meeting Jojo was a dream come true.
  14. Holding this wee fella was all I wanted to do.
  15. On the inside, I squealed and shrieked with delight
  16. While Jojo chilled like it was just another night.
  17. He was totally obsessed with my necklace, which was very shiny.
  18. I vaguely wondered what size diapers covered his small heiny.
  19. Eventually the time came for Jojo to depart.
  20. But I'll always keep our encounter close to my heart.