Thinking about the items I'll add to this list brings me great joy, @jessicaz! Thank you for the request; I plan to make new joy lists regularly. 💝
  1. This little kitty bear.
    Whether he's waiting me for to sit down so he can crawl into my lap, or racing laps around the house to celebrate a poop, I love this fella.
  2. Bacon Fest at my area grocery store.
    Current addiction: their bacon-wrapped stuffed meatloaf. I've tried so many taste treats!
  3. Wildflower season
    The bluebonnets are out in full force, and seeing them alongside the roads perks up any traffic struggles.
  4. Clean sheet Sunday nights
    Best part of laundry day
  5. A gulp of cold water straight from the faucet after I brush my teeth
    Reminds me of drinking from the hose as a kid
  6. Late evening sunsets
    In a couple of months, the sun won't set until 8:30. By then I'll be adjusted to springing forward.
  7. When a random shuffle of music perfectly syncs up to my mood
    Like when "Bringin' Sexy Back" comes on in the car when I get in to drive home after the gym.
  8. Unexpected free time
    Maybe I'll read. Maybe I'll take a nap. Maybe I'll eat ice cream. The possibilities are endless!