My first EP "Sugar High" is the perfect showcase for my innovative style combo of Missy Elliott (badass) and Vanilla Ice (very white). I'm releasing it as my alter-ego MCB: an homage to the late great MCA (Adam Yauch) and my actual initials. 😘 to my producer @nathanveshecco
  1. Sugar High
    The title track. Everyone thinks it's about drugs, but it's really about eating one too many cookies. "Ya gotta pace yourself so ya don't waste yourself."
  2. Drivin' the Struggle Bus
    An anthem for days when you just can't even.
  3. Notorious R.I.B.
    Standing in ridiculous long lines for BBQ is for suckers. This track is an ode to an actual dish at my favorite BBQ joint: a one pound smoked beef rib on a bed of tater tots covered with house made smoked sausage chili con queso. I'm not telling you where to get it; I don't want a line of chumps clogging up the place.
  4. Crush It
    First there was Whip It, then there was Beat It, and now there's Crush It: all about how We Can Do It. (Where "It" = "Kick Ass" not the "Sex.") Lace up your boxing gloves ladies, because we're walking into the ring and going to Pound Town. (Where "Pound Town" = the place where we knock out our insecurities and anxiety and fear or whatever's bringing you down, not the "Sex.")
  5. Awkward as Hell
    In which I both work it and own it. ::mic drop::