What exactly did you have in mind @mnickwrites ? Hey friends, did you know there's a Texas Li.st meet up on July 30th? Details here: Texas Li.st Meet Up
  1. Read aloud any list I've written.
    Though I am likely to select one that's well-liked.
  2. Be the most extroverted version of my naturally introverted self.
    On the scale of I ————> E, I might seem just to the left of center. But I'll probably spend the next day not interacting with any other humans to recharge.
  3. Appear in photographs.
    I may even manage to not make a goofy face in all of them.
  4. Enthusiastically applaud anyone who reads a list.
    You can make my hands clap!
  5. Develop a series of Texas Li.st Meet-Up inside jokes with all attendees.
    Free FOMO, non-attendees. 💜
  6. Laugh until I cry.
    At least, I hope so.
  7. Write a detailed list reporting on the Texas Li.st Meet-Up.
    Who will read what?! I hear @michaelsstores might be there. Or is this just a rumor I'm spreading??
  8. Hand write words on any fruit larger than my fist.
    That's right, I'll play Cyrano de Bergerac by request for anyone who needs it, as long as you promise to use the fruit wisely. DESPERATE ATTEMPTS TO GET ATTENTION
  9. Talk a stranger into joining Li.st.
    The only item on this list that may actually require bribery. 💰
  10. Attend a post-meet-up after party.
    I mean, if there is one. . .