*Yikes; my last list was in March 😳
  1. Coffee syrup
    These + a little fancy milk is just the sugar shock my system needs to get through a morning.
  2. Alton Brown's kittens.
    Their names are Shrimp Toast and Stir-fry and he's so stinkin' cute about them. (From his Instagram)
  3. For six mostly heartbreaking games, the Nashville Predators NHL team.
    I pledge my continued fandom and the coveted title of my second-favorite team if they sign my hockey boyfriend Jaromir Jagr.
  4. Meeting internet strangers.
    *cautiously vague* 👀
  5. Homemade peach salad.
    3 ripe peaches, 8oz pearl mozzarella, a handful of basil, 2t the good olive oil, 1/4t salt, 1/8t pepper.
  6. InspiroBot
    Don't tell listbot.
  7. Li.st Instagram beetlejuicing me.
  8. Static
    X2 👋🏻